The Japanese truck and the dump are better.

Japanese automobile manufacturers are highly evaluated around the world. Naturally, you can find high quality Japanese trucks as well. Japanese trucks are highly practical and have low fuel consumption. On the other hand, there are noteworthy foreign truck manufacturers as well. Especially when it comes to specialty trucks, there are many high quality trucks available from foreign manufacturers.

In Japan, if the model of a used car goes out of date, the demand goes down as well. However, the same car may be in high demand in another country. Even if the mileage has exceeded 100,000 kilometers, which means the price is close to zero in Japan, it may be sold for a good price in an overseas market. Japanese used cars are popular in foreign countries because they rarely break down. Even if the model is 10 years old with high mileage, the demand is relatively high.

How long can the truck and the dump run?

Trucks vary in size. There are small 660cc trucks to large 10t+ trucks. The same goes for buses. Some can only hold 10 people while others can hold over 50. I focused my research on large vehicles. So, what is the lifespan of a large truck/large bus? And how long can it travel before it breaks down? With a regular car, when it exceeds the 100,000 kilometers mark, it is considered to be out of service. Even if you try to sell it, the price will probably be close to zero. Putting that aside for a moment, I researched how long a Japanese car can travel. At Carnext, we deal scrap cars all over the country and take numerous scrap orders throughout the year. The longest running car was a HIACE at 501,000 kilometers.